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Getting around cheaply: bus, train, thumb and more

25 Sep

Getting around by Bus

If you’re traveling on a really low budget, you’re probably going to be taking a lot of buses. Some countries are so dependent on bus travel that many companies provide hop on, hop off service to many different cities, or even across the continent. Bus service varies hugely from country to country, with some places offering first class service with flat beds, hot meals and movies, and others giving merely a reclining seat and window, but the one constant is that bus travel is almost always cheaper than train travel.

Train Passes

Do, however, check to see if a train pass would be worthwhile to you. Many countries, such as Japan and western Europe, where train travel is quite expensive, offer train passes that you can purchase in advance which will let you travel at a fraction of the cost.


If you’re so inclined, hitchhiking or ride sharing is by far the cheapest way to travel. is a sort of classifieds or meeting place where you can find drivers with room in their cars, starting and finishing in cities all over Europe. Listen to and trust your instincts if anything does not feel right. This is NOT the safest option, and NOT recommended for single travelers, especially women.