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Hoi An, Vietnam: village of over 200 tailors

25 Jun

Hoi An, Vietnam waterfront

Hoi An, Vietnam waterfront

21 March 2007 : After the longest bus ride I’ve ever taken, Andrew and I check into our rooms to try to make up for the sleep we didn’t get on the bus.  Okay, I actually did sleep a little; five nights of sleep deprivation left me tired enough to get a snooze on a jagged rock! Which actually might have been more comfortable than the zealously air conditioned bus, rumbling along a bumpy road and honking every 2 minutes at motorbikes and pushcarts.

Hoi An is a charming little town with over 200 tailors who will custom make any kind of garment you want, in pretty much 24 hours or less.  We spend the next few days tooling around, looking at fabrics and getting fitted and re-fitted for some cool stuff for really cheap.

tailor, Hoi An, Vietnam

getting fitted in Hoi An

It’s a very quaint town, and just walking around and doing nothing is enjoyable, but of course there are also markets aplenty, a bunch of temples, and loads of people everywhere offering massage, manicure, pedicure, threading (hair removal) and more.I’m really overdue at this point, and I get some unusual spa treatment, with no less than two girls in the room with me at any time, and all this in a tiny room with cardboard walls, two meters from the market. Andrew must be bored, but being a metrosexual Englishman, he understands the need for grooming; also he gets some pretty good attention from all the Vietnamese girls.

Twenty-six fittings, fourteen walks, and seven beer-and-spring rolls stops later, we head out of Hoi An with considerably heavier bags.

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